Free Eucalyptus artprint by House of Springer

Your FREE art print

Voilà, we’re thrilled to present you with your brand new A4 sized Eucalyptus artprint. We hope that it will bring you lots of joy and beautify your walls.

Please note that by downloading the file you accept the *Terms of Use described further down on this page. 

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Printing Guide

To make your new art print look as good as possible we recommend that you follow the printing guidelines below: 

  • Print on matte premium paper of at least 180 gsm or higher 
  • Use a quality printer or get it printed professionally
  • Protect it by placing it in an frame with a glass front
  • Refrain from printing it in a larger size than A4 as this will result in a poor resolution

*Terms of Use

This artprint is generously made available for download by House of Springer for a single download only. We kindly ask that you respect these terms of use and do not take advantage of this generosity. 


Copyright © 2021 by House of Springer

All rights reserved. No part or element of this art print may be reproduced, distributed, forwarded, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of House of Springer. Permission requests can be addressed to